At Strategies 7, the services we provide are a real godsend to anyone working in communications, logistics, and/or direct marketing! You can rest assured that your Strategies 7 rep is operating with the support of a skilled team of professionals who work around the clock to ensure that your diversity of campaign requirements are fully addressed—at any stage in game. Think of us as a one-stop shop that will save you both time and money. Why spread yourself think and waste precious time when that’s what you need most of all in this biz?

Ask us about the following services:

Our promotional strategies include:

  • Receiving mail and phone calls.
  • Data entry and audits.
  • Managing customer data, answering queries, and following up.
  • Shipping mail-in rebates via internet or snail mail.
  • Sending cheques or gift cards.
  • Sending invoices or discount coupons.
  • Writing thorough campaign reports.
  • Providing useful statistics on relevant demographics and the economy.
A strong internet solutions plan is key to any well integrated communication plan. Let us help you take advantage of the endless possibilities by building a data bank and staying on top of:

  • Providing support for and managing your website and everything on it.
  • Managing and distributing newsletters.
  • Managing and distributing email flyers.
  • Entering e-data collected via consumer participation in competitions, questionnaires, affinity programs, and more.
  • Managing and optimizing your customer data.
Our virtual office solutions services include:

  • Mailing to addresses in Canada and the United States.
  • Managing your mail.
  • Telephone services.
Information technology is a chief component of relational communications. If your lists are not accurate and up-to-date, you may miss your target market by a long shot—which ultimately translates to a lot of wasted time and money! You can count on our IT specialists and our IT applications to:

  • Manage your databases.
  • Stay on top of updates.
  • Prevent duplication of shipments to a recipient.
  • Confirm and address any corrections.
  • Deal with business both Canadian and American.
  • Stay up-to-date with data entry.
  • Implement changes of address at the national level.
  • Check and correct upper and lower case typography errors.
We also possess both the capacity and the technology to provide full customization services, thereby adding value to your shipment! By simply printing your client’s name on a letter or better focusing your communications pieces by modifying the content to reflect your different target audiences, you greatly increase the likelihood of responses. Try these simple yet effective customization tactics:

  • Laser Layout / Laser Customization
  • Custom Laser Printing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Addressing mail
  • Barcodes
  • Self-adhesive labels
Once our Strategies 7 team has helped you develop a direct marketing campaign that puts the rest to shame, and once your communications pieces have been printed and personalized, it’s time to think about postal prep and mailing. Let us take care of the assembly and preparation-related tasks involved in properly executed postal distribution (both nationally and internationally):

  • Postal preparation
  • Postal distribution
  • Routing
  • Perforation
  • Folding
  • Collage
  • Insertion
  • Insertion in polyethylene casing
  • Manual work (assembly, execution of custom contracts, inserts, insertion of non-standard documents)
  • Geographic targeting and mailing of unaddressed mail
If it’s a direct response from your target market that you require, we offers you a range of order fulfillment programs:

  • Sampling and packaging (delivery and handling).
  • Computerized tracking of shipments.
  • Acknowledgments of receipt.
  • Distribution of promotional materials.
  • Remittance shipping.
  • Sending cheques or gift cards to businesses and consumers.
If you’d like to use send than just a letter to reach your target audience—like a product sample, or a free copy of your magazine—you can choose from the following specialized services:

  • Polyethylene envelope distribution (catalogues, magazines)
  • Sampling (cosmetics, food)

Discover our wide range of more than 150,000 available promotional items, including:

  • Promotional items
  • Promotional clothing
  • Corporate gifts

In addition, we can assess what you spend on direct marketing and offer alternatives to save you big where it counts the most! Take advantage of our Discount Program turnkey solution and you’ll find both customer loyalty and sales on the rise in no time!